The Hospital of Comillas

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Architect: Cristóbal Cascante
Builder: Placido Díaz de La Campa
Year of Construction: 1885
Style: Modernismo

Claudio López and Benita Díaz de Quijano paid for this building, which is currently a residential home for the elderly, run by the Sisters of San José. In the main hall stands a bust of Don Claudio López y López sculpted by Agapito Vallmitjana (1888).

Even though the original plan was lost the building has been refurbished, but its wooden front gallery still recalls the Sobrellano palace. There is a porch that leads into the chapel of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, whose image is on the mahogany Gothic altarpiece. There is a central courtyard enclosed by the building. On the north façade there are two extended sections that give “movement” to the construction as well as the gallery which make up this impressive construction.