La Coteruca

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Year of construction: 1870 – 1871
Style: French historicism

This was the summer house of the Riera family, which became the property of the Marquis of Movellán who has occupied it from then on. This building was constructed according to a plan that came from France.

It is a castellated mansion on the top of the hill overlooking the sea and is enhanced by the beauty of the landscape it decorates.

The ensemble transmits its picturesque essence through its crenelated walls, the wrought-iron cresting and the Gothic ruin-like enclosure.

There is a shield carved on the wall that carries a crown. From the crown overhangs a gauntlet brandishing a missing dagger. We can see the same motif in one of the quarters of the shield, where it overhangs the bust of an armed knight.

In one of the chimneys in the Sobrellano Palace there is the same emblem sculpted in wood that also bears the legend of the Bracho’s.

After the Civil War only the two square towers and the enclosing walls remained. In 1990 the building was refurbished and divided into apartments.