Casa Ocejo

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It was Antonio Lopez’ s house.

He decided to build it for his mother in the middle of the nineteen century. Originally it was a detached house. It consists of a hipped roof and four façades, one  overlooking the  square Plaza de los Tres Caños, nowadays named Plaza Joaquín del Piélago.

One of the characteristics of the main façade is its undecorated stonework and it also differs from the rest of the house as it has four pointed pre-neo-Gothic windows on the ground floor.

The other façades bear balconies and  the ground floor windows are framed by solid stones and grilles reminiscent of more popular constructions. It is also notable for the fence that surrounds the house  which dates from 1850.

In 1881  King Alfonso XII came to spend the summer in Comillas and, in order to fit out the building for Royalty, the Marquis brought many different artists and architechs from Catalonia.

Gaudí designed the chimney and refurbished the living-room but other Catalan artists decorated the rest of the house.