Corro Campios

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In the nineteen century the “corros”, the social centres, were in the main square of the town. They were always placed near the church so when, after the Mass and bells tolled its termination people used to play bowls in the corros.

However to prevent the bowls going out of court, bowling grounds were enclosed by stone walls like the bowling alleys we have today.

Campios is a traditional neighbourhood in the high part of the town whose curving streets lead to the Corro, where people walk, dance on Sundays and used to play bowls.

King Alfonso XIII played bowls during his visit. Each Year on the sixteenth of July, the fiestas for Christ the Protector are held in this square. For many years during those multitudinous  festivals this social centre was embellished with arches, pennants and festive  lights that were switched on with the triumphal arch to welcome the foreigners.

Today it is also a leisure space as well as a meeting point.