New Town Hall

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This building, which was once was a free school for infants, originally for girls and later for both sexes was paid for Doña Manuela del Piélago y Sánchez Movellán. It was run by nuns. There used to be an angel in the middle of the garden, which is now on one side of the Plaza del Ángel, a square beside the building. On one corner of the building there is the Virgin with the Child, which is said to have been sculpted by José LLimona.

On the other side of the Plaza de Joaquín del Piélago there is a mansion that used to be owned by the parents of the archbishop of Lima, Tomas González de la Reguera and Maria del Pomar. It was built in 1726. On the front façade there is a balcony supported by beams which in turn support the roof.

The main façade also bears two shields. One is polychrome and is hung above the lintel of one of the windows on which there is an inscription, a pointed medallion and the Episcopal Cords. The shield is divided into four quarters. On the first quarter there is a tower framed by two flags and two lilies which represent the Coat of Arms of the González family. On the following quarter is depicted a fallen tree on which stands a lion, while the third carries the tower, the flags but not the lilies, which in turn appear on the fourth and last quarter and stand for the Coat of Arms of González de la Reguera

Beside the left window there is an identical shield, but this time the designated name is “Armas González de la Reguera”.

The mansion is notable for the four-sectioned medieval square tower, which was constructed during the fifteen century. It still has two canyon-like gargoyles on its south façade but the roof has been completely refurbished.