The Statue of the Marquis of Comillas

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Architect: Doménech y Montaner
Supervised by: Cascante
Year of construction: 1890
Period: Modernism

The emigrant Antonio López y López became incredibly rich and well known after his return from Cuba and when he settled in Barcelona. In 1878 King Alfonso XII awarded him with the marquisate of Comillas, his birthplace, in gratitude for his help and economic support during the Cuban conflict.

From then onwards the history of Comillas became interwoven with the marquis to whom this statue was dedicated.

The monument was erected on a property of Angel Pérez, a friend of the marquis, who had given it to the town for that purpose and was paid for by the Town Council.

Doménech used Cascante’s plan to build this original ship-like pedestal and the column that carries the image of the marquis. It is magnificently decorated with maritime motifs and it used to be remarkable for the bronze statues, allegories of the Antilles and the Filipines that as well as the image of Antonio López were unfortunately torn down during the Spanish Civil War.