Corro San Pedro

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Traditionally, a “corro” is a square surrounded by thick trees, where people played bowls, or danced with tambourines. In Comillas the Corro de San Pedro stands out because of the noble houses that surround it.

For instance the “Casa Cueto” constructed at the beginning of the eighteen century, which is owned by the family Sanchez Cueto. It has a balcony, a gable roof and on its façade two symmetrical windows and a massive door. On the main façade there is also a big ornate shield, carrying a decorated helmet, two lions, a pair of mermaids and a couple of birds.

Another impressive building is the Hotel San Pedro, which was inaugurated as a state-owned hotel in 1946 by converting the ancient house of the Balbas’ family. It has a shield with the Coat of Arms of Comillas, which shows the famous ship sailing towards the chains and the tower to liberate Seville. In one side of the square is San Pedro’s chapel that opens on the day of this Patron Saint. The image of San Pedro is carried through the town in a procession of dancers who traditionally asked women to dance who remain seated until that precise moment.

According to tradition, the devotion of this saint has its origin in the rites of fishermen who named their earliest fishing expeditions in honour of the saint and whom they have celebrated ever since.