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This Municipal district is situated on the west of Comillas and is remarkable for the Hermitage of San Andrés and its views that overlook the La Rabia lagoon and the dunes of Oyambre.

The church of San Andrés has a unique rectangular nave. The main facade has a Romanesque doorway. The gable is decorated with ashlar windbreak walls. The three-sectioned square bell tower ends in a pyramidal stone spire.

In front of the temple is a paved square enclosed by a brickwork wall, very similar to the brickwork used on the Pontifical University. The school next to it is also part of the same ensemble and was constructed in 1984 and funded by the Marquis of Comillas.

Don Santiago Güell López, son of Don Eusebio Güell and grandson of the first Marquis of Comillas bought this English Romantic house which was constructed in the middle of the nineteen century.

This house was designed by José A. Coderch de Sentmenat and M. Valls Gadea (1957). This building is a good example of modern international architecture and as well meets the local needs.