Main entrance of the Pontifical University

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Architect: Doménech Y Montaner
Year: 1892

This is the main entrance to the University, which once was enlarged to enable vehicular passage. It is a combination of brickwork, ceramic tiles and the carved stone of its shield, which contains the crown, the pontifical keys and the Jesuits’ anagram, JHS standing for “Jesús Salvador de los Hombres”, Jesus, Saviour of Men.

This splendid shield is carried by two pageboys, wearing sumptuous robes on which appear the year when the university was inaugurated and the Pope to whom it was offered, Leo XIII.

Beneath the pageboys, there are two grotesque figures, reminiscent of Eastern art, framed by an arch decorated in an exotic and medieval style.

The doors, which nowadays are missing once, were decorated with Passionflowers, symbolizing Jesus Christ.