El Duque

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Architect: Francisco Hernández Rubio
Year of construction: 1899-1902
Period: English Historicism

At the end of the nineteen century English buildings were in vogue amongst the well to do in Comillas. This building Known as El Duque is a good example of this.  Francisco Hernández Rubio designed the mansion for the Duke Almodóvar del Río.

The structure reflects a Swiss chalet, although it also carries characteristics of English mansions in many ways, specially in its asymmetric spaces, the stone, brickwork, etc, all of which is in contrast with the Eclecticism of The Sobrellano Palace and the modernism of Gaudí’s building.

On the Southwest façade there is a quartered shield bearing a helmet, the Crown of the Duke and a crest that represents the king. It is decorated with small flags and ornate emblems.