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Route 4: From Comillas to Ruiseñada

This route takes you inland from the coast to Ruiseñada through the different suburbs in this municipal district.

Route 4: From Comillas to Ruiseñada

Starting point: Comillas (20 metres), the town hall, situated in the centre of the town.

Arrival point: Ruiseñada (40 metres), given the scattered character of the district, the church of San Adrián has been selected as the arrival point.

Length and estimated walk time:2.5 kilometres; 45 minutes.

Ups and Downs: 100 metres uphill and 80 metres downhill.

Difficulty: slight, except for the mud you may find on your climb to El Pisgu

Map reference: the National Geographic Institute, scale 1:25,000 page 33-IV.

Cycling possibility: You can use your mountain bike even though you may find it difficult when mud covers the climb to El Pisgu.


Route 4: From Comillas to Ruiseñada

Town Hall (20 metres): from the city centre, head towards Cabezón de la Sal. You will pass near Gaudí’s building. Continue along the drive and between the recently built houses in the outskirts of the town.

Riguero (40 metres) (km 0.8): Follow the signpost to Ruiseñada and fork right. After a sharp bend, the road emerges onto a pedestrian path on your left. It consist of a sharp decent that soon rises through a splendid byway surrounded by oaks, holm oaks, and thick vegetation which forms a floral arch that darkens the way. As the gradient becomes gentler, you will pass by a house where you should ignore the tarmac road to your right. Eventually the unsurfaced path joins with a track of a new neighbourhood.

El Pisgu (60 metres) (km 1.9) (30'): In this neighbourhood the houses are scattered around the area. Just beside the first house you come across a hermitage dedicated to the Sacred Heart which was built in 1903. Descend the slope and you will get to the spring El Pisgu and eventually to the bottom of the valley where you will have to cross the stream Rio Ensenada that beautifully shapes the landscape. The path forks to the left and into the main road to Ruiseñada. Continue ahead few metres in order to reach the most significant building in the hamlet, which is separated from all the other houses.

Church of Ruiseñada (40 metres) (km 3,5) (20'): This temple, which has some Gothic features, is dedicated to a San Adrián. It dates from the fourteen and fifteen centuries. Near it you will find a bar and a bowling alley.