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  Comillas's coastline and attractions, the Monte Corona Forest, The La Rabía Lagoon, the sea, the mountains...  
  A picture's worth a thousand words. Have a look at this site and you will see for yourself  all the beauty Comillas has to offer...  
  A Diary
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Comillas has many attractions. If you are about to visit
the village do not forget to visit
the most
selected spots

The Sobrellano Palace,
the Chapel- mausoleum,
the Pontifical University,
El Espolón,
the statue
of the Marquis
of Comillas, etc

The Hospital of Comillas
La Coteruca
  Claudio López and Benita Díaz de Quijano paid for this building.

Even though the original plan was lost the building has been refurbished, but its wooden front gallery still recalls the Sobrellano palace.
  This was the summer house of the Riera family, which became the property of the Marquis of Movellán who has occupied it from then on. This building was constructed according to a plan that came from France.

It is a castellated mansion on the top of the hill overlooking the sea and is enhanced by the beauty of the landscape it decorates.
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